Selling online is very profitable and also very draining too. To sell successfully online, you need to know the tricks and ways.

But you should know that social media is one big tool that you can use to sell more online. Using social media to sell your product is not a new concept, but most people don’t still know how to sell their products with social media.

In this article, I will give you three ways to sell more using social media. So let’s dive in.

  1. Instagram’s “shop now” button. Instagram is all about visuals. So it is easier to sell your products on Instagram because people can visualize your products in use. When you post a compelling picture of your products, your followers might want to buy. With the Instagram’s “shop now” button, your followers can buy your products from your Instagram. When one of your followers clicks the “shop now” button, they are taken to your website to buy.
  2. Facebook’s marketplace. Facebook just unveiled its Marketplace. The Facebook marketplace was designed after Facebook noticed that many people were using the Facebook platform to sell and buy items, just like an online marketplace. The main purpose of the Facebook marketplace is to keep sales transactions local. Here is how the Facebook marketplace works:
  • In the Facebook app, you should click on the Marketplace icon.
  • After that, click “sell’. After clicking sell, you will have the option of choosing an image of the item you want to sell from your camera roll or taking a picture of the item.
  • After that, you should enter the name, price, and description of the item you want to sell.
  • After that, confirm your location and choose a category for your product.

After you have posted your item for sale, Facebook shoppers who are in your area can see what you want to sell. The Facebook marketplace is good for people who:

  • Have a local business
  • Sell crafts and goods locally.
  1. If you have a site where you sell your products and you want to use social media to sell your products too, Shopial is your best lead. With Shopial, your customers will be able to find you on your social networks. Here is how Shopial works:
  • Install the Shopial app and connect it to your Facebook page or Pinterest account.
  • Once you have installed the Shopial app, it will start importing your products.
  • When your products have been imported, you can start promoting them with ads.

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