A lot of people have turned to the internet to seek knowledge. We are not just talking about typing in queries for Google but people taking online courses to add to their knowledge. These online courses provide people with certification. Most online courses provide those taking them the flexibility to make their own schedules and learn at their own pace which makes them more appealing. A lot of people with full time jobs opt for online courses since they are easily managed with a full time job.

The first reason why you should opt for to host the course you are offering on an already built platform is because you will save a lot of money. The platform will need to have a lot of things such as a video player to host videos, a chat option, course materials uploaded somewhere which cannot be downloaded and much more. To have an entire platform built will cost a lot hence you can look for a platform which exists already and you can host your course on it for your business online by paying a monthly fee.

Here are some online platforms for hosting your courses on which you can try:

  1. LearnWorlds

This platform is like a social media community but allows you to market, add and sell your courses for your business online. You can make adjustments and make the courses as interactive as you want. This is a popular platform visited by a lot of people hence your course will have a big audience.

  1. Nuvola

This is another great online platform where you can host your course on. The platform even lets you add third party plug-ins into it so that you can add different elements to your course which you think would make it better and which were not being offered by the platform itself.

  1. CourseCraft

This is the perfect website if you want your business online to prosper. It has a very simple user interface and almost feels like a blog! This is a great platform and only charges you 9% of the sales you make hence if you are worried about making monthly payments to keep your subscription of the software, you do not need to worry about that!

These platforms are great options to try out and see if your course can be successful. In the long run, if you outgrow these platforms you will know exactly what features you will need in your own custom platform.



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